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The Power of ASK

Are you asking for what you want? If you’re like most women the answer is no. But without asking where will you be? “Closed mouths don’t get fed” as they say. The Power of Ask will take you on a…

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Tech Nomads: the future of work in tech

Talking points and takeaways: How digital nomads work Three types of nomadic work and what that looks like Existing nomad infrastructure to support travel - productivity on the road Creating tech…

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Sound, Search, and Semantics: Optimizing for Voice

It’s not breaking news that voice search is the emerging technology of greatest interest, but what hasn’t been demystified is how it works. This session will uncover how the algorithm functions at a…

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Think Like a Trainer: Strategies for Improving Your Communication Skills

Think back to a time when you were in a conversation that could have gone better. Perhaps you said something the wrong way, or you walked away from the conversation not fully knowing if the other…

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Designing your Career: How I transitioned from being a hairstylist to a technologist

I hope to inspire, energize, and encourage meaningful career conversations for technology focused women. By sharing my personal failures and how I transitioned from being a hairstylist to trading…

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From Engineer to Program Manager and Back; How Switching Roles Gave Me the Skills to be a Technical Leader

Having been an engineer at Facebook, a PM at Microsoft, and a PM then engineer at Amazon, I have experienced a variety of roles and learned about a variety of technologies. I find women are often…

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Robotic Process Automation in the real world – Designing for success

RPA is a useful tool but much hyped and sometimes misunderstood. Using Northwestern Mutual’s own experience, this session will talk about: Current state of technology and tooling Suitable use cases…

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Modernizing IT – Transforming Your IT

BP is going through a modernization of IT where we are utilizing new tools such as DevOps, Agile framework, design thinking... we plan to inform folks on what they are and how we have used them…

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Harness the Power of TDD (Test Driven Development)

We will be facilitating a workshop, open to all levels, on Test Driven Development and Unit Testing (in Java). The attendees will leave with an understanding of unit tests and how to write them, an…

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Practical Application Security for Developers

In a world where application vulnerabilities are causing major breaches in top tech companies, it is important for developers to know how to code securely. A security bug is essentially a problem in…

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How to Make Things People will Actually Use

We will teach the design thinking process, encompassing initial research through concept development, through the lens of making products and services that people want and will use. This workshop…

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Successful IT Careers Await — Don’t Fall for the Myths

There are great career opportunities for women in information technology, but too few are taking advantage. Eighty percent of women working in STEM careers love their work, but nearly a third (32…

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Hands on with Deep Learning and IoT

The world has billions of sensors and internet-connected devices that generate large quantities of data every second. Deep Learning works in combination with the Internet of Things (IoT) across many…

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Public Speaking – The Career Game Changer

What does it take to become a thought leader? To be seen as the expert or the authority in your field? What will it take to get that next promotion? Or a new job? Or a board seat? Often, nothing more…

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