Kathryn Rose

CEO/Founder, wiseHer

Beck Power

Founder, QueerHustle

Ayodele Odubela

Founder / Data Scientist, fullyConnected

Upasna Gautam

Manger, SEO, Ziff Davis


Tech Nomads: the future of work in tech

Talking points and takeaways: How digital nomads work Three types of nomadic work and what that looks like Existing nomad infrastructure to support travel - productivity on the road Creating tech…

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Sound, Search, and Semantics: Optimizing for Voice

It’s not breaking news that voice search is the emerging technology of greatest interest, but what hasn’t been demystified is how it works. This session will uncover how the algorithm functions at a…

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Learning Machine Learning

This workshop will be a hands-on session that teaches how to learn machine learning through practical, fun examples. There will be a fast intro to computational statistics and a lesson on decision…

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Working in tech is not just about coding. It’s about all aspects of careers in technology. Our mission is to support the community of women working in technology. We pave the way with hands-on tech workshops, discussions about trending topics in tech, information on thriving through tech career phases and facets, and by connecting women working on the business and technical sides of the tech industry.

The conference brings together women at every level, from students to senior executives, to connect, educate and inspire women in the technology industry through events across the United States

Where & When

UI Labs
1415 N Cherry Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60642

May 3, 2019
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


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