There are great career opportunities for women in information technology, but too few are taking advantage. Eighty percent of women working in STEM careers love their work, but nearly a third (32 percent) say they feel stalled in their career and are likely to quit within a year. Why? There are established myths that are preventing young female professionals from securing successful careers in IT.

WITS attendees who join this session will gain an understanding of the tools that they will need to secure successful careers in information technology.

The panel will discuss the common misconceptions that discourage women from pursuing technology careers, including:

1. Technology is about coding, math and science
2. To work in technology, you need a four-year college degree
3. If it’s not at Facebook, it’s not a technology job
4. Technology means being stuck at a desk
5. Money is the only pay-off
6. No one like me works here
7. Tech Jobs are going overseas

The panel will also educate  attendees on what employers are seeking from today’s professionals.