It’s no secret the technology industry has a gender problem. June Sugiyama of the Vodafone Americas Foundation is just one woman of many who has witnessed the gender imbalance time and again over a long career in the industry. She can provide a unique perspective on the issue based on her experience working with both large, established technology brands and early stage startups and non-profits. As director of the Vodafone Americas Foundation, June leads the foundation in supporting organizations that are building and using technology to address critical social issues around the world, including initiatives that empower women and girls through technology.

During this panel, June will lead Vodafone Americas Foundation partners from TechGirlz, Nexleaf Analytics and Technovation. in a discussion about the causes of the gender gap in the industry, how organizations are promoting STEM education among women and girls, and the real-world, practical solutions that are beginning to drive change in this area.

Attendees will come away from the panel with a better understanding of the key issues causing the gender imbalance in the tech industry as well as learnings from three women with unique perspectives on the situation. Based on the varied expertise and experiences of the women on the panel, attendees will learn how they can begin to make changes in their own work to support women and girls in technology.