May 3

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Welcome & Opening Remarks


Keynote   (Innovation House)

The Power of Ask – Kathryn Rose

Breakout Sessions

Innovate Yourself   (Innovation House)

Think Like a Trainer: Strategies for Improving Your Communication Skills -Olivia Liddell


Trends in Tech   (Knowledge Theater)

Sound, Search, and Semantics: Optimizing for Voice – Upasna Gautam

Workshop     (Connect Center)

Harness the Power of TDD (Test Driven Development) – Samah Majadla, Kim Sanders

Breakout Sessions

Innovate Yourself     (Connect Center)

Designing your Career: How I transitioned from being a hairstylist to a technologist – Diana Torres



Trends in Tech     (Innovation House)

Robotic Process Automation in the Real World – Designing for Success – Creamheld Pepito

Workshop     (Knowledge Theater)

How to Make Things People will Actually Use -Maia Ottenstein, Giao Dang, Nanci Gonzalez

Breakout Session

Innovate Yourself    (Knowledge Theater)

Tech Nomads: The Future of Work in Tech – Beck Power

Trends in Tech     (Innovation House)

Modernizing IT – Transforming Your IT – Kimberly Vertucci, Anelia Chtilianova, Estela Segura



Workshop    (Connect Center)

Practical Application Security for Developers – Aditi Chaudhry

Breakout Sessions

Innovate Yourself    (Innovation House)

Public Speaking – The Career Game Changer – Bobbie Carlton

Workshop   (Connect Center)

Hands on with Deep Learning and IoT – Shallu Ranchan, Darsana Thulasi

Breakout Sessions

Trends in Tech    (Innovation House)

Successful IT Careers Await — Don’t Fall for the Myths -Aditi Chaudhry, Maia Ottenstein, Sue Wallace, Tracey Welson-Rossman, Franklin Reed