Technical aptitude alone doesn’t make the best employees, according to most employers, they also need what are referred to as soft skills — such as the ability to communicate and problem solve. In fact, Accenture’s Listen, Learn, Lead Global Research report says that a lack of soft skills training is a barrier to success. It is important for women to focus on building their soft skills to position themselves for competitive advantage in their tech careers.

In this session, attendees will learn which soft skills employers are seeking in new employees and how to add soft skills to their resume to help them move ahead in their careers. From professionalism and assertiveness to communication and customer service to conflict resolution and creative problem-solving, attendees will learn how these skills will prepare them for greater career success.

Creating IT Futures Foundation continually studies what makes for a successful IT career and partners with schools, government organizations and other non-profits to train and certify students and adults for IT careers. The foundation’s foremost training program, IT-Ready, has prepped and placed 1000 people into IT careers over the past four years. The IT-Ready career program not only focuses on technical skills, it also imparts key soft skills—while helping participants to break down barriers to success.

This session will help current and future employees land the IT jobs they desire and give them the tools they need to achieve pay raises and promotions.